LCVP and Business Class Trips Limerick

LCVP & Business class in an interactive light for Business and LCVP classes Limerick

At Recipe4Success, we have a fantastic practical business story to tell you and your students.  Having worked in multi business sizes for more than 20 years across multiple industries to now running our own cookery school and training consultancy firm, we understand our business and how it works. We understand how a recession can force you to look at what you do & evolve to sustain both a business and a family.  

Allow your students come on a journey where we will explain in practical terms how our business came about, how we progressed from a sole trader, to a partnership and now a Limited company.  We explain every aspect of our business to the students in a practical and interactive way.

From 1st year to 6th year we tailor every event to your needs.

Agenda (2.5 hours) - LCVP Limerick & LCVP SWOT Activity



Cookery Demonstration

Practical SWOT activity

As professional communicators we deliver an interactive and lively informative performance which allows everyone to be fully engaged.  Through encouraging the students to prepare questions in advance, we can then answer these during the session.  As a result, the children understand how a business operates, the challenges and the experiences.

After we have discussed our business, we take a break.  The students are treated to a cookery demonstration from one of our favourite dishes (Chocolate Mousse, Banana Bread or Carrot Cake) which is followed by a tasting for all.  

Now, it is time for the students to get interactive in their assigned groups by having them discuss and suggest solutions to a given challenge.  

We give each group a topic to discuss.  These include "What is the best way for our business to grow Sales" or "How should we reduce our costs".  For the LCVP classes we guide them through an LCVP SWOT activity. Each group has 10 minutes to discuss, put their ideas on a flip-chart and then give a brief presentation on their findings.

The output for the students is that they understand in practical terms, how a business operates and hopefully we have inspired them to think about business in a new light.


50+ students - 10 euro per student

20 - 49 Students  15 euro per student

10-20 Students:  20 euro per student

This includes a tasting of the Chocolate Mousse & a hands-on SWOT activity with debrief.

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