5th Year Leaving Certificate Home Economics Skills 2019

5th Year HOME ECONOMICS - 5th Year Leaving Certificate Skills Assessment, 2019

We have designed a highly interactive half day and full day programme which is a mixture of demonstration and hands on activities.  As a result the students will then be able to tackle the "Healthy Eating", "Vegetarian Diets", "Souffle" or "Preserving fruit.  This programme ensures that the students will have new skills, confidence & a clear understanding of techniques required to be covered in both of these assignments.

Sample Menu (3 hours)

Healthy Eating

Assignment 1

Vegetarian Diets

Assignment 2

Cajun chicken with roasted sweet potato & healthy coleslaw

Demonstration and Hands on making of this tasty dish.  (work in groups of 3)

Ratatouille with chick peas & couscous

​Demonstration and Hands on activity to make this dish (groups of 3).


Flip chart Activity

Discuss the key nutritional needs of a healthy meal taking the food pyramid into account.  How best to get these needs into your diet & options available.  Assess the implementation, taste, evaluation & requirements met.

Flip chart Activity

Review the nutritional needs of meal planning for a vegetarian diet.  Assess the implementation, taste, texture, possible alterations to the dish.


Assignment 3

Fruit Preserve

Assignment 4

Chocolate Souffle

Demonstration & hands on making chocolate souffle (working in teams of 3)





Citrus Marmalade

Demonstration & hands on  making citrus marmalde


Two pots of the marmalde will be provided for tasting later in the year.


Event Duration Students Cost per Student # of Assignments
3 hours 10 - 20 students 30 euro 2
3 hours 21+ students 25 euro 2
4.5 hours 10 - 20 students 40 euro 3
4.5 hours 21+ students 35 euro 3










Click here for all our food and assignment options for LC Economics 2019

This includes: Ingredients and laminates of all recipes, Juice/Squash, Facilitators who are with you all the way.

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