Spanish Language Class Trips

As the students enter the cookery school, Ana welcomes everyone immersing them into the language, culture, food and recipes of Spain for a brilliant Spanish language class trip.  

Ana starts with a demonstration of a Tapas dish and then the students get to put on their aprons and re-create the dish (in groups of 3). During each demonstration, Ana gives a history of the dish, the region it comes from and makes it all relevant to the students. During each demonstration Ana uses her map of Spain to tell the children about each region to immerse them in Spain's dramatic culture.

The children who are strong in Spanish follow Ana's demonstration with the Spanish recipe card where for those who were not as confident turn the recipe card to the English language version.  The children love the opportunity to speak Spanish outside of the classroom in a relaxed atmosphere where they learn the practical skills of cooking, whilst learning from a Spanish native and great cook.  The 3.5 hours fly by with the children seeing, making and eating the dishes of Spain.  The children go home with memories of a great day with the new recipes along with some new Spanish words and a better appreciation of the life and culture of Spain.

Sample Spanish Menu (3.5 hours)       

Spanish Pastries with Chocolate

Lemon and Cinnamon cake

Chicken Paella with vegetables


20+ Students:  25 euro per student

10-20 Students:  30 euro per student

This includes; Ingredients & laminates of all the recipes, Juice/ Squash, Facilitators who are with you all of the way.

For groups of 30 or more we can offer discounts

Teachers go free

Call Eithne on 086-0502079 to discuss your needs

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