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We design and deliver innovative team building events that are suitable for any size of business.  We run it at a time that suits you and will customise the menu to suit your needs.  Whether it is a half day or full day we ensure a succesful outcome for all.  Click here to see our Wellness and Nutrition offers.

Key Outcomes

- A fantastic hands on fun team building event to suit all ages

- Getting to know each other out of the office environment

- Team building through activities and tasting new flavours

"There was great banter, interaction and fun throughout the event.  A great day"

"The mix of cookery demonstrations and hands-on activities was just right"

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Sample Menu - Full Day Hands On

Fresh Scones

Team Building Activity

Chicken in sun-dried tomatoes with fresh basil & cream

Millefeuille with fresh fruit

Chocolate Mousse

Decorating Cupcakes

"Shane and his team hosted a very interactive, fun and entertaining team building event for our team.  The result was very positive where everyone enjoyed the event."  Trip Advisor review

Flow of an Event

Entering the cookery school, Mary and Aine gasped and uttered the words we have heard so often, "This is just like Masterchef", I can't wait to try the food.  Nicola took the chocolate brownies from the oven and set them aside to serve at the coffee break.

At the moment the brownies came out of the oven, Paul appeared and was drawn to the smell of the brownies and asked, "Can I eat these now?"  We politely told Paul that he would get to eat these creations soon.

Everyone sat down in front of the demonstration table and we outlined the agenda for the day.  As we mentioned the words "Chocolate Mousse", "Authentic Chicken curry" and other delights, the participants got ready for a great afternoon.

First a demonstration which included lots of tips and tricks to ensure success at home and then we brought everyone to the hands on tables to let them make their own creations.  On this occasion it was Chocolate Mousse.  Once made it was placed in the fridge to be taken home later.

Back to the demonstration table to see another great dish.  This time we got Brian from the audience to help with the demonstration. Brian confessed that he would burn water.  As it turned out, Brian helped make the Italian dish and admitted that he would make it for the family at home.

Once the group had made the dish at their hands on tables it was time for a break.  Paul finally got to taste the chocolate brownies and have a well earned rest.

For the last activity we put cupcakes at the hands on tables.  We gave a demonstration on how to decorate cupcakes.  Now everyone got the chance to create magic with their cupcakes.  After 10 minutes the judging party had a tough job to choose the "Top 3 " creations.  There was plenty of competition between individuals but this did not compare to the laughs heard throughout the cookery school. 

Three hours passed and then it was time for home but not before everyone was given their chocolate mousse and other treats.  They left with laminated recipes, smiles on their faces and Paul promising he would make the dish he learnt earlier. 

"The event was expertly facilitated and it was a really enjoyable afternoon.  There was plenty of space for people to bond and loads of room for activities.  Would highly recommend for group activities."  Trip Advisor review

Our Experience

As training consultants and lovers of food we have the perfect model of education, team building and interactive activities to ensure a successful and memorable outcome for the team.  

We customise each event to your specific needs.  We can address areas of team development, managing change, resolving conflict, personality types, improving communication with the goal of building a better team.  

We use a mixture of demonstration, cook-along, simulation, role play etc. to make practical and measurable learning.

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We customise all of our programmes for our customers and their needs.

Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss your specific needs.  Get in touch today.
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